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Suz Shoes:

Shoe size: 6 (SA) / 39 (EU)

Includes shoe bag




Blue At The River Shoe

  • Your feet become works of art

    In the cape winelands in south africa, in the historical town paarl (originally a dutch settlement) resides our artist and creator, suzette plekker.

    In her historical home, de kleine plantatie, suzette an interior designer and shoe designer combines her love of fashion and beautiful design into shoes that are more than mere shoes.

    With reclaimed hand-stitched tapestries she creates one-of-a-kind handmade masterpieces. Suzette employs the help of local craftsmen and artisans. Every pair is individually designed, lovingly handmade and distinctively unique.

    Owning a pair means owning something that transcends mass production and mere footwear - you own art.


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