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Realistic Drawings Made With Pastels And Pencils. Very Carefully Applied Layer By Layer, One Line At A Time. And Yes, It Takes A Lot Of Time. About 20-60 Hours Per Drawing. Why Would You? Because Nature Does That Brilliantly: Bringing Every Tiny Detail In Connection In A Complex Collaboration Called An Organism. Each Individual Is In Turn Part Of A Greater Network.



A6 Size: Single Card With Blank Writing Back

A4 / A3

Paper Type: Waste Wood

With Recycled Brown Kraft Envelope


Black And White Ruffed Lemur - Card And Print Drawing

PriceFrom €1.95
  • After i obtained my master's degree in archeology, i decided to turn my biggest hobby into my job - as i've secretly always wanted to. So i had no art education. Drawing, which i do with pastels and pastel pencils, i taught myself by experimenting and observing my subject carefully.


    I didn't want to stop at 'just' drawing. I want to tell a story, collaborate with charities, and set up my own projects. My mission: to promote better cooperation with nature, and to ensure that there is more attention for animals. Fortunately, there is plenty to see in my drawings - they are so detailed for a reason. The biggest compliment i can get is when someone says "i can keep looking at it".


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