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In 2022, longtime friends gerhard van wyk and chretien ploum decided to work together as business partners and start ‘uit afrika’, a ‘one-stop-shop’ for lifestyle products from and inspired by southern africa and beyond.

Products range from fine wines, clothing and shoes, to braai essentials and jewelry; all are on offer and this is only the beginning.

Born from the idea that africa has much more to offer than most of the world knows, it was decided to start a webshop, offering some of the best products this part of the world has to offer. While supporting our community in the process. 

Concurrently, we will be contributing to charity organisations in South Africa who support communities in need as well as wildlife projects that protect species from extinction.

Africa is in our blood! 

Gerhard van Wyk Owner at Uit Afrika Online Web Store

​The love for the african continent stems from both owners’ background:

Gerhard is south african, born and raised in pretoria where after he moved to cape town, he stayed for 10 years and is currently living and working in the netherlands.

Chretien is dutch-born, but having lived a lifetime in cape town, he considers himself a ‘Saffa’; he too now lives in The Netherlands. Both still have a thriving network in South Africa, ensuring sourcing of new products on an ongoing basis.


Chretien Ploum Owner at Uit Afrika Online Web Store


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