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100% of profits will be donated to the animal wildlife fund.

This beautiful hand crafted leather keychain, will be personally made per order for you and will be shipped within 3 days after order.


Emelio not only produces a wide range of beautiful products, he is also a master in trade and welcomes anyone willing to learn his wide range of knowllage.


Not only will this product be hand made for you but is also customisable to your taste. You can choose between a wide range of leathers that suits your personal taste.


Would you like to add a special message or a beautiful flat image to your product, this is possible at an additional lazering cost.


Leather Hippo Keychain

  • Leather keychain:

    Width: 6 cm
    length: 8 cm
    hight: 4-5 cm
    weight: 0,02 kg


  • 100% Profits will be donated to the Animal Wildlife Fund

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