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This wine bag is new in our range and we are very excited about it. I'm going to explain to you why. To begin with, this wine bag is part of our 'golden waves' line. In it, as the name implies, there are products with a pattern of golden waves. In this case, this results in a beautiful matte gold color wave, on a soft white kraft paper background. This wine bag exudes style! If you want to make combinations, you are of course free to view the other products with the golden waves pattern. You could think of the tissue paper in the same style that really completes the picture. But other colors and styles can also be combined with this wine bag.


Wine Gift Bag - Golden Waves

SKU: ROT_001_001
  • Width: 17 cm
    depth: 9 cm
    hight: 39,25 cm

    Material: paper


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