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A beach bag, spacious shopping bag or swim bag.... You can go anywhere with this spacious shopper! The shopper has the dimensions 54x48+14cm (width x height + depth). Recording this way of size means to us that this is a shopper of the super popular tote bag type.


A tote bag means that the bag does have a folding bottom (in this case 14 cm) but no sides. This will give the bag a nice pocket shape when filled.


The tote bag is made of sturdy 280 grams canvas and has long carrying rods of 80cm. But what really stands out about this shopper is the beautiful graphic print that continues to the bottom and a small piece on the turned top of the bag.


Zebra Canvas Beach Bag

SKU: ROT_002_003
  • Width (cm) 54
    height (cm) 48
    bottom fold (cm) 14
    carrying handle (cm) 80

    material canvas
    thickness of material (g/m²) 280


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