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These strong canvas bags have a tough and trendy zebra print. This canvas shopper, model tote bag, has a size of 38x42cm (width x height). A tote bag is a model that comes a lot with cotton and canvas bags. In this model the shopper does have a depth in the bottom but not at the sides. The bags have more capacity than a flat cotton or canvas bag/shopper because of the bottom. A tote bag is characterized by the pouch shape when used. The canvas shoppers have long carrying handles of 70cm, so you can easily hang the bag around your shoulder.


Zebra Canvas Shopper Bag

SKU: ROT_002_002
  • Width (cm) 38
    height (cm) 42
    bottom fold (cm) 10
    carrying handle (cm) 70

    material canvas
    thickness of material (g/m²) 280


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